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Airbnb ambassador
Superhost mentoring

& exchange

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Need a little help getting your place up on Airbnb?


Need a SuperHost to fill in so you can take a break?


HOST MENTORING: Whether you're thinking of becoming a host or already are one, get one on one mentoring for your specific needs. Now is the perfect time to plan for your future, get the house cleaned out and organized and create financial freedom.

SUPERHOST EXCHANGE: If you're already a host and need some back up so you can take a break, I also do global house sitting for other hosts.

Email me your listing & let's connect.

I have been an Airbnb host in San Francisco since 2013 & I've been traveling the globe since I was sixteen. My passions for travel, art, design, hosting and food have landed me in several publications, more details below & on my LinkedIn page:












Wendy Testu Linkedin

Publications, businesses, design resume, grants & awards

I have always been an artist, designer, gypsy creative and I do the host mentoring because I'm super passionate about empowering others to use their creative skills and empty rooms to generate long lasting income for themselves and their family.

If your kids are off at college, your retired and want to travel more or just have an empty house every once in a while, you'll love hosting people from all over the world.

I do the SuperHost exchange bit because I'm super passionate about travel and giving people an extraordinarily hosted experience.


Your mentoring is free thanks to Airbnb!

They have asked me to to be an Airbnb Ambassador,

I earn when you become a host.

Use the link below and I can help you every step of the way, from setting up your listing, to preparing your house & taking photos.

One on One mentoring addressing your specific needs.

Phone & video calls available

Lets do this together:

  • Get your space organized and cleaned up

  • Design your space with minimal investment

  • Take the photos

  • Get your listing up on the site

  • Get your listing set up on Instagram and Pinterest

  • Let's make you a Superhost & create your financial freedom!

  • We can meet once or ten times, it's about whatever you need, when you need it.

Message whenever you have questions about a guest, the website, instagram, pinterest, posting or hosting.





  • I stay at your place

  • one month minimum exchange

  • I'm your host; greeting guests, cleaning etc... all the things a good SuperHost does.

Lets chat

Email me below, we'll see if we're a good match.


Remote Design Services
San Francisco Kitchens ( Japanese Book)

"Beautiful house in the lower Mission that was surprisingly walkable. Wendy is warm, welcoming, and flexible with arrangements. It was so nice to feel like a guest in someone’s home, versus a sterile Airbnb hotel. So grateful for this base while exploring a new hood!"

Fiona, Ann Arbor, MI

"Absolute perfection. Wendy and her family will go above and beyond to ensure you're at home, and will experience San Francisco's finest during your stay. Emphasis on 'home' -- you will truly feel welcomed here; from the personal touches, to the overall hospitality. I only wish my stay were longer."

Jacqueline, Melbourne, Australia

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